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Sales force

The platform showcases your product to a large number of business providers.

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Selling time

The business provider already knows the market and the clients, which accelerates the sale.

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Market penetration

The business provider is present in the market, which accelerates your development.


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Our attractive features

simple work

Easily online

Send us your startup and product information. We will publish it online.

deal market

Test a new market

Reduce your investment to reach a national or international market.


Test a new market

Find a new type of customer effortlessly.

unique invoice

Unique invoicing

Receive only one invoice per month, regardless of the number of business carriers.

hr meeting

Less HR

Don’t seek for talents for months. Now, they come to you.


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Only 4 steps in order to Raiseyour.biz



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Sign up for free and fill out the survey in the welcome email you received.

Someone from our team will contact you to finalize our partnership.

Now that we have gotten better acquainted, we know your expectations and your product, so we can help you to raise your biz!

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Now your product is on the Marketplace. You are categorized by: Localization – Industry – Target.

Our business providers can see it and request if they want to promote your product. If the profile matches with your needs, we will send them your promotional kit.



We manage

We are the link between you and the business provider, making your professional life easier.

At the end of each month, we will send you a recap of your business providers' prospects (name – product selected), so that you can verify.

You will receive one invoice from us, for the job of all your business finders. We will then be in charge of paying each of them.

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Our price is included in the commission you give to the platform for the business provider.

Just raise your business and let us know if your product changes, or if your want to test new markets or targets.


we need

We need some information from you


A good description of your brand and your product will help the business provider to promote it.


Tell us which target you are already aim for. You can also try another target through our platform.

Place of sale

Tell us which city or country you want to reach, or if you want to test a new location.

Price & Commission

What is the price of your product? Which amount of commission do you want to give? A good commission will attract the best business providers.

Promotional tools

Help your business providers to promote as much product as they can. Give them the most complete promotional tools: speech, brochure, image, video, product feature..

« Simple can be harder than complex, you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. »

Steve Jobs


Value proposition

Why we create Raiseyour.biz

Through this platform, we want to help startups in developing their business. We know that customer acquisition is difficult, developing a new market can be hard and to hire new people can be expensive.

Which is why we believe that engaging with sales people already familiar with your future customers will facilitate the transactions..

We believe that it is better to pay for a completed job, rather than a potential results.



Discover our different profiles of business providers

Startup founder

Adrien Leroy

Location: Lyon, France

Industry: Wellness

Target: Hotels


Amanda Cruz

Location: Madrid, Spain

Industry: Software solutions

Target: Managers

Independent seller

Aya Takahashi

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Industry: Real Estate

Target: Investors


Emily Brown

Location: Sydney, Australia

Industry: FoodTech

Target: Restaurants


Edy Lee

Location: Montreal, Canada

Industry: Entertainment

Target: Producers


John Stuart

Location: London, UK

Industry: Sport

Target: Key Account