Raise your startup
with business providers


Free platform

Signing up is free. The payment of the commission is made following the invoicing of a new customer.

connected world

Network of business providers

Located in France and abroad, they introduce the company to potential customers from their network.


Administrative and financial management

We handle the relationship with the business providers.


Turnover increase

The business provider already has a network, which facilitates the sale and development of your business.

simple work

Easily online

Send us your startup and product information. We will publish it on the Marketplace.

deal market

Test a new market

Reduce your investment to reach a national or international market.


Test a new market

Find a new type of customer effortlessly.

unique invoice

Unique invoicing

Receive only one invoice per month, regardless of the number of business carriers.

hr meeting

Less HR

Don’t seek for talents for months. Now, they come to you.

We select the best startups to support them in their commercial development. The characteristics of startups are :

BtoB or BtoC


Currently marketable

Large-scale sales

They are more than 300 business providers spread over 8 different countries.


Adrien Leroy

Location: Lyon, France

Industry: Wellness

Target: Hotels

Sales person

Amanda Cruz

Location: Madrid, Spain

Industry: Software solutions

Target: Managers

Independent seller

idriss adjile

Location: Cotonou, Benin

Industry: Real Estate

Target: Investors


EmilIE Brown

Location: Paris, France

Industry: FoodTech

Target: Restaurants


Edy Lee

Location: Montreal, Canada

Industry: Entertainment

Target: Producers


John Stuart

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Industry: Sport

Target: Key Account

« Simple can be harder than complex, you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. »

Steve Jobs

6 steps to increase your sales

Etape d'inscription startup
Ryb 1

Sign up

Register for free your product on the platform to increase your sales force.


We analyse your company, product and promotional kit and get back to you by email or phone.

RyB 3


We publish your product on the Marketplace and our different social media networks.

RyB 4


We are the unique contact and manage the contractual and financial relations with business providers.


At the end of the month you will receive a recap to be validated, of prospects approached by our business providers.

RyB 6


You convert leads to new clients and pay Raiseyour.biz once you've billed them.

Essential elements to properly promote your product


A good description of your brand and product will help the business provider to promote it.


The main and secondary targets of the company. You can also choose to test new ones.

Place of sale

In which cities and countries would you like to reach new customers?

Price & Commission

Quel est le prix de ton produit? Le pourcentage de commission que souhaites-tu attribuer au système d'apport d'affaires ? Une bonne commission attirera toujours les meilleurs apporteurs d'affaires.

Promotional tools

Help your business providers to promote as much product as they can. Give them the most complete promotional tools: speech, brochure, image, video, product feature..

Through this platform, we want to help startups in developing their business. We know that customer acquisition is difficult, developing a new market can be hard and to hire new people can be expensive.

Which is why we believe that engaging with sales people already familiar with your future customers will facilitate the transactions..

We believe that it is better to pay for a completed job, rather than a potential results.