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As a business provider offer vehicle fleet managers an application to measure driver behavior while driving. They can reduce the number of road accidents and increase their KPI.

Remuneration: 63€

By offering Woocar application to a fleet of 50 vehicles you can earn 63€ per month.




At Woocar we reduce road accidents and fuel consumption of transport and light vehicles, thanks to our mobile telematics solution.

We started writing the first algorithms in 2016, and had our first clients after more than a year of R&D and testing with top freight fleets in Argentina. During the year 2018, some of our customers reduced up to 80% over year road accidents! This is one of the reasons why some big companies such as Unilever, Natura, Aon and Visa are now using our solution either to take care of their fleets of vehicles and coworkers, and also to optimize relevant KPI's in their business.

The company is co founded by two engineers with experience in top technology around the world, from both programming and automotive areas. We're working with a team of data scientists and dev ops in order to be always one step ahead of the competition and provide the best service and customer experience to our clients.


Woocar mesure le comportement au volant et donne un feed-back positif au conducteur et au responsable de flotte. Woocar utilise les capteurs du smartphone sans matériel supplémentaire, ce qui permet d’activer facilement à distance de nouveaux utilisateurs partout dans le monde. Les rapports automatisés et les retours d’information permettent une transparence sur le comportement du conducteur. De cette façon les conducteurs comprennent l’effet positif que nous recherchons : arrêter la distraction au volant et être conscients et respectueux de l’environnement et de son entourage. Woocar mesures : Concentration (utilisation du téléphone en conduisant), Attention (excès de vitesse en tenant compte du type de véhicule et du type de route), Capacité de conduite (la capacité de démarrer et de s’arrêter en douceur) et Conduite écologique.

Sale price

6€ per driver per month.

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