V3 Digital

Your mission 

As a business provider offer B2B companies a solution to develop their business and find new customers on LinkedIn.

Remuneration: 850€

Receive €850 for each contract signed between a B2B company and V3 Digital.



V3 Digital

V3 Digital offers a service combining technology and business strategy to help B2B companies grow their business using LinkedIn.

By becoming experts in social selling, SME managers and business developers will have a great weapon to sell better and sell more. As a result, LinkedIn business opportunities can grow rapidly, generating B2B sales.

That's why V3 Digital wants to help you boost your company's business opportunities on LinkedIn.


V3 Digital supports companies by offering them a modern service that generates new business opportunities via LinkedIn and social selling. Our service mixes several ingredients for a successful recipe: technology, strategy, human interaction and sales techniques.
V3 Digital implements LinkedIn marketing solutions in five steps:
- Strategy and segmentation;
- Personal branding,
– Élargir votre audience;
- Content sharing;
- A conversion strategy to increase your LinkedIn business opportunities.

Sale price

12 500€

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