Universal Voucher

Your mission 

As a business provider offer key accounts, shopping centers and hotels a digital solution for issuing promotional vouchers.

Remuneration: 700€

Earn an average of 700€ when a company sets up a fidelity campaign thanks to digital coupons.



Universal Voucher

Universal Voucher offers a customizable digital voucher service for key account and retailers.


We have developed a mobile solution for key account and retailers to provide customizable coupons: discount vouchers, free coffee, free food offered. Professionals generate fidelity campaigns for their customers registered on their database or to attract new ones. The user does not need to download an application and receives the voucher by SMS, e-mail or soon on WhatsApp. To validate the coupon, all you need to do is go to the sender, who will simply activate it on the phone or scan a QR Code. The business model works on freemium. The first 100 coupons are free for the issuer, then Universal Voucher charges a commission on each new voucher validated.

Sale price

On quotation according to the customer’s needs. 

Prices can vary between 19,99€ to 39€ / month for retails and between 5 000€ to 15 000€ for big companies.

Additional information

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