Your mission 

As a business finder for Trustoo find individuals who wish to be assisted by a specialist to sell, buy or diagnosis a car.

Remuneration: 17,50€

Earn 17.50€ for the purchase of a vehicle, 14€ for the sale of a car and 7€ for a diagnosis.


17.50€ for the purchase of a vehicle,
14€ for the sale of a car,
7€ for a diagnosis.


Trustoo is a platform which allows buyers or sellers of used vehicles to be supported in their buying process by a Trustoo specialist in order to save time, money and avoid scams.


We offer three distinct services :

Selling: The specialist searches for the best vehicle according to the customer’s criteria. He then carries out a diagnosis of this vehicle to avoid any scam.

Buying: The specialist establishes a diagnosis, creates and publishes the classified ad, manages the buyer interface, until the exchange of keys and the payment.

Diagnosis: The specialist accompanies/replace the client for inspection of 150 control points to diagnose a vehicle.

Sale price

Selling : 249€
Buying : 199€
Diagnosis : 89€

Additional information

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