The Machinery

Your mission 

As a business finder for The Machinery is to find companies and startups that need to improve or test the potential of their business.


Earn between 127€ and 250€ by promoting The Machinery to startups, and between 402€ and 1152€ to key accounts.



The Machinery

Do you know growth haking, new methods of fast growth at low cost? An outsourced service that is becoming fashionable for startups and key accounts. The Machinery analyses, frames and tests start-up projects of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Since 2016 they have tested more than 60 projects.


We offer two types of services:
– Iterate IT: Launch your project in 4 weeks (before or without existing product) in Growth Hacking mode. The goal is to measure the appetence of your potential users, to collect reliable data to make the best decisions. Quickly.

– Think IT: Framing, specification and design of complex digital projects. Once you have clarified your positioning, we structure your product by documenting, planning and designing the product. For a perfect production..

Sale price

Pricing varies according to the company’s needs, from 2549€ to 5000€ for startups and 8050€ to 23050€ for key accounts.

Additional information

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