PYT Audio


As a business provider offer to people affected by noise, acoustic and decorative mural panels. It is disgn, ecological and customizable.

Remuneration: 70€

For an average purchase of 1000€, receive 70€ for each referral.



PYT Audio

Our activity concerns the production and sale of acoustic treatment products. Acoustic treatment consists in optimizing sound diffusion. More precisely, this is useful if you have problems with echoes or resonance. It is also necessary if you wish to get the quintessence of your listening or your musical practice. In short, an acoustic treatment will greatly improve your sound environment.


Our range of products :
• Absorbent acoustic panels are for all of our targets. These products are designed to absorb medium/high frequencies.
• Diffusers are for owners of hifi, home cinema and music studio equipment. They are often used as a complement to sound-absorbent acoustic panels. Their role is therefore not to absorb energy but to redistribute it intelligently in order to make a room more lively and musical. Indeed, after a treatment with absorbent panels, music can lose its energy. These products therefore seek to give it back some.
• Bass Trap is for the same target audience as diffusers. Their purpose is to contain the low frequencies. • Accessories: optional swivel ceiling panel, adjustable bands,...

Sale price

From 30€ to 240€ per m²

Additional information

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