Puls Impact


Suggest to entertainment spaces, businesses, shops or even individuals, a personalized solidarity arcade kiosk.

Remuneration: 312€

Receive a minimum of 8€ for a daily rental, up to 312€ for the purchase of a terminal.



Puls Impact

Puls Impact researches, develops and democratizes innovative donation solutions for the benefit of public interest associations. Our approach: fun as a vector for raising awareness of associative causes and leveraging a new culture of giving.


Artistic & solidarity arcade kiosks are a tremendous asset for a public or private organization, linking its need for animation with its societal commitments. They unite and engage employees, consumers and users around a system:
1- Fun: Spend good times (r)awakening the gaming sensations of the 80/90's (retro-gaming). Street Fighter, Pacman, Mario, Sonic and so many other cult games are available to have fun alone or with friends.
2- Artistic: the machines are "customized" by artists from different universes (StreetArt, GeekArt, PopArt, BrandArt, ...). An object of entertainment but also an object of art.
3- Solidarity: the revenues from the gaming activity are donated to associations of general interest. The player himself selects the association and the game (associations and games are predefined by the client company). An object of entertainment, of art, but also of generosity.

4 products are available:
- Bollard: classic, universal, design.
- Barrel: Original, practical, adapted to the needs of bars.
- Bartop: Reduced, efficient, perfect for a countertop.
- Case: Compact, mobile, for small spaces or to move around with.

Sale price

There are 3 price offers:
- Purchase: between 2 000€ and 3 900€.
- Subscription: between 89€ and 169€ / month - for 12 months minimum.
- Rental - by the day or for the weekend: between 200€ and 300€.

Additional information

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