As a business provider offer to individuals or professionals to customize any kind of textile.

Remuneration: 141€

Receive a 14% commission on all your prospect's orders for one year.
For example, for an order of 50 t-shirts you will receive an average of 24€, for 50 polo shirts 65€ and for 50 sweats 141€.




PrintMyTee is a textile and accessories personalization workshop based in Alsace. We print all types of textiles (t-shirt, sweatshirt, bag, polo etc ...) for children and adults. We work with European textile and luggage specialists in order to offer a quality service.


We sell to professionals and individuals, in France and in Europe, from 10 pieces to large quantities, with decreasing prices. We work on estimate, the payments of the orders are made by transfer, credit card or bank check. Our main targets are companies, associations, festivals, clothing brands, brand creators, illustrators etc...

Sale price

Prices vary according to product and quantity. Minimum order: 10 products.

Additional information

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