Paul Jarrel

Your mission 

Suggest to your family and friends to offer an elegant and refined watch for the upcoming Christmas holidays!

Remuneration: 16€

As a business provider you can earn 16€ on the average basket of a private individual or 140€ for the sale of 10 watches to a distributor.



Paul Jarrel

Paul Jarrel is a watch brand who launched its first collection in February 2019. In just 9 months, the brand is followed by more than 3000 people on social networks. Our eloquence collection has been sold in more than 12 countries and cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Dubai, Mexico City, Sydney, London, Stuttgart...


Watches for women and men who wish to combine style and elegance. Thin and lightweight, they are perfect for an active and dynamic life.
Our watches are made of stainless steel and authentic leather. Guaranteed for 2 years.

Sale price

On average 100€ per watch and 30€ to change the bracelet + 13,99€ to personalize the watch.

Additional information

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