Mon chasseur Immo


As a business provider offer to people who wish to buy a property, to be accompanied by an expert.

Remuneration: 105€

Receive 105€ when your contact has signed the contract with Mon Chasseur Immo.


105€ per signed contract

Mon chasseur Immo

Mon Chasseur Immo is the leading network of property hunters in France with more than 120 hunters in the largest cities. Mon Chasseur Immo has reinvented the real estate buying experience by combining the best of human and digital.

One goal: to enable the buyer to find his ideal property. Mon Chasseur Immo represents 4500 completed missions and 95% of satisfied customers.


I share my search criteria with my property hunter who studies the feasibility of my project and advises me.

My property hunter is checking out all the properties for sale. He sorts, selects and qualifies the properties that he proposes to me afterwards.

My property hunter organizes my schedule of visits and accompanies me to check with me and advise me on the quality of the property.

At the first crush, after verification, my hunter negotiates for me, he is a true professional: price, fees, entry date, nothing is left to chance!

Sale price

Mon Chasseur Immo is paid according to the purchase price of the property.
- Less than 200 000 € : Fixed price of 5 900 € TTC
• Between 200 001 and 600 000 € :
Fees: 3.0% incl. VAT
• Bewteen 600 001 and 1 000 000 € :
Fees: 2.5% incl. VAT
• Between 1 000 001 and 2 000 000 € :
Fees: 2.0% incl. VAT
• More than 2 000 000 € :
Fees: 1.5% incl. VAT

Additional information

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