Your mission 

As a business finder for Lilipass find organizers of events, festivals, exhibitions or conferences that need an easy-to-use ticketing solution. 

Remuneration: 1 632€

You can earn:
– 102€ for a conference of 60 people at 500€/place;
– 272€ for a festival of 2,000 people at 40€/place;
– 1632€ for a concert of 8,000 people at 60€/place.


17% of Lilipass turnover


Lilipass is a simple, quick, efficient and professional online ticketing solution.


Create your event and sell your tickets on your website, social networks or POS in only five minutes. Enter the details of your ticket, sell safely and directly anywhere in the world. Access real-time statistics for key events.

Sale price

2% of each ticket sold.

Additional information

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