Your mission 

As a business provider, offer companies and HR managers a preventive application and workshops to increase the well-being at work and improve the health of their employees.

Remuneration: 900€

By promoting this app or the affiliated health prevention training courses you can easily earn from 90€ to 900€ for a starter offer and up to 6 250€ for a white-label offer.


Between 8% and 2.5% depending on the value of the signed contract


Lifextend identifies health problems before they become ones.
1- The solution analyses daily life via a declarative questionnaire according to these topics: environment, type of job, stress, diet, daily habits, genetic ancestry.
2- The algorithm proposes a hierarchical mapping of health risks (liver, heart, etc.) to offer a personalized preventive program.
The advanced version offers the possibility to send anonymous information of their employees (RGPD 2020) to obtain real-time health audits of all employees, which becomes a tool for anticipating and managing a company's human resources.


Offer to companies:
1 - Simple collective accompaniment:
Purchase of an unlocking code for all employees of the company that allows everyone to have access to the mobile app already available + trainings and workshops of health prevention according to the needs of the employees.
2- Personalized support:
Creation of a white-label health prevention app in the company's name. Use of the existing database to customize according to the company's business lines + trainings and workshops of health prevention according to the needs observed.
3- Full accompaniment:
Création d’une application de prévention santé en marque blanche, au nom de l’entreprise. Audit santé en amont de la création de la solution afin de personnaliser chaque thème selon le premier audit effectué. La conception inclut la remontée des données anonymes des salariés pour que le gérant, RH ou le service compétent obtienne un audit santé de tous les salariés + formations et ateliers selon l’audit santé.

Sale price

Starter offer between €1,500 and €15,000 depending on requirements. Maximum 250 000€ for the most advanced versions.

Additional information

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