Your mission 

As a business provider offer managers of startups, VSEs, SMEs and associations a tool to easily manage their cash flow. They will be able to anticipate their future cash flow and reduce potential stress situations.

Remuneration: 84€

Earn during 3 months 35% of the subscription amount. For example, if your contact subscribes to the PRO package, you will receive €28 every month during 3 months, for a total of €84.


35% of the subscription amount during 3 months


Fygr is an intuitive cash management and forecasting tool for managers of startups, VSEs and SMEs.


By connecting the client's banking data and applying Data Science methods, we are able to offer automated analyses of past flows. In addition, the tool allows intelligent projection of future flows via an intuitive interface that allows the user to easily monitor and forecast future cash flow.

Sale price

Offers adapted to the size of the company:
- STARTER : 20€ / month if annual turnover < 50k€ or seniority < 1 year
- ENTREPRISE: 40€ / month if annual turnover < 500k€ or seniority < 2 years
- PRO : 80€ / month if the annual turnover > 500k€ or seniority > 2 years
- CUSTOM : On quotation

Additional information

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