Drone Survey


Offer photo and video shoots of drone to individuals or professionals.

Remuneration: 118€

Receive an average of 118€ when you connect someone from your network to Drone Survey.



Drone Survey

Drone Survey is a young drone data acquisition company. We offer photo and video shooting, for public, professional or private use.


The different services offered are:
- Topographic survey: adapted to all types of projects for local authorities, design offices and architects.
- Photogrammetry: technique based on a perfect modeling of the geometry of the images in order to reconstruct an exact 3D copy of reality.
- Visual inspection: of a building or monument.
- Thermography: allows to carry out the thermal diagnosis of industrial sites, buildings, photovoltaic panels and to point out the points of malfunction.
- Real estate: in order to locate a plot of land, a house, the environment, we offer you pictures that will give you access to the topographical reality.

Sale price

Each service being unique, an estimate must be made.

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