Djin Spirits


Your mission as a business provider is to offer a new herbal and alcohol-free gin to wine merchants, organic stores or individuals.

Remuneration: 59€

For the sale of 6 bottles, you will receive :

- 18€ if it is a professional,

– 59€ si c’est un particulier.


18% for professional sales
35% for private individual sales

Djin Spirits

Djin Spirits is the first French House to develop, produce and market a range of superior quality non-alcoholic spirits. The objective is to offer a qualitative alternative based on plants, to all those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol. This is an increasing share of consumers.


1st representative of our range, Djin - Spirit of Passion is distilled from more than 20 medicinal plants. With its stimulating notes of juniper, pepper and citrus fruits, it is positioned as an alternative to Gin. Vegan, sugar-free and calorie-free, it has a unique taste and all the organoleptic qualities of a great spirit without any of the effects attributed to alcohol. It can be consumed pure or in cocktails.

Sale price

Price for a 50cl bottle:
- For professional : 16,95€
- For individuals: 28€.
Minimum order: 6 bottles

Additional information

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