Your mission 

Offers media agencies, food and lifestyle companies the production of slowmotion advertisements.

Remuneration: 1 900€

You can earn nearly €140 for the production of videos for social networks and more than €1900 on major ad productions.


3,5% = 0€ to 4 000€

5,5% = 4 001€ to 10 000€

7% = 10 001€ to 20 000€

7% + bonus of 500€ = 20 001€ to x€


ContentLAB produces videos specialized in the industry of Food and Lifestyle for digital .


Operating in the industry of food and lifestyle, we are specialized in slow motion. We produce advertising videos and promote on social network our clients' products. Our strength is to adapt film and advertising techniques to the digital environment while respecting its constraints: deadline, budget and multi-platform.

Sale price

Prices vary according to the project. A video can be sold between 4 000€ and 20 000€ euros.

Additional information

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