Comptoir du Bambou


As a business provider offer to hotels, spas, laundries, linen designed made of bamboo.

Remuneration: 50€

Receive an average of 50€ on an order made by professionals, and 20€ when an individual buys from the website.



Comptoir du Bambou

To offer you top-of-the-range, more comfortable and better designed products, we have developed the B Fiber to create a unique material made of bamboo, with precious properties.


Thanks to FIBRE B, Comptoir develops bath linen, bed linen and laundry. Our products allow to optimize the laundry station of professionals while improving the experience of their customers and contributing to the protection of the environment.

Sale price

From 12€ to 180€ for individuals.
Request on estimate for professionals.

Additional information

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