As a business provider offer insurers or car dealers a solution for diagnosing car breakdowns.

Remuneration: 4200€

Receive a commission of approximately €4200 for a single referral.




Cardiag is a simple and intuitive mobile application, available on Google Play Store and soon on the App Store, that allows users (individuals and professionals) to diagnose, maintain and repair their vehicle.

Cardiag assists and supports motorists from A to Z: from the moment a problem is suspected, through identification of the fault, diagnosis in simple and understandable terms (breakdowns, component wear, pollution and driving), independent repair paths, advice on buying parts and an estimate of the cost of repair. Finally, Cardiag makes it possible to digitize and save your maintenance logbook.


Cardiag puts all its expertise at the service of its customers' connected car projects. Its partners benefit from unprecedented support at every stage of their project.
- Connect all vehicles: We offer ready-to-use certified boxes. Already connected? We adapt and connect our platform to your boxes.
- Vehicle data: Tracking the performance of vehicle components is essential for building "connected car" services. Cardiag collects vehicle usage data (Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Vehicle Speed, Fault Codes, Component Wear, Maintenance Due Dates, etc.).
- Driver data: We analyze a set of data with the explicit consent of the drivers when it comes to data from the vehicles and on-board sensors allowing us to have a fine representation of the drivers' behavior. (Driving scoring, maintenance logbook, ...)
- Interfaced: Access your data -> Your data will be distributed to the channel you want (API, dashboard, etc.)
- Certified: Respect the regulatory framework -> Our solutions are all certified. Quality is a priority.

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