BME Consulting

Your mission 

As a business provider offer companies protection solutions to fight against COVID-19.

Remuneration: 400€

For each company making the choice to protect its employees you can earn a good commission.



BME Consulting

Buy Made Easy Consulting assists companies in questioning their purchases. The economic, legal and regulatory issues of our customers are our driving force to evolve and anticipate market needs.


BME buyers and suppliers are focused on importing certified protective equipment and other sanitary products to help businesses restart operations and support national de-containment. We offer masks, protective glass, alcohol gel and other essential products.

Sale price

Masks from €0.53
Mask FFP2 from 1.90€
Protective visors from 9€
Hydroalcoholic gels from 1,64€
Jumpsuits from 22.61€
Protective plexiglas from 55€
Adhesives from 4.5€
And many other products.

Additional information

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