Be Reels


As a business provider, your mission is to propose to communication managers in tourism industry, video or photo shoots to promote their activities.

Remuneration: 132€

Receive an average of €132 in commission for a day's work.



Be Reels

We are passionate creators, idea developers, dedicated professionals. 

Concretely, BE REELSis an audiovisual production company. We intervene on all the fields related to the setting in image, from the conception to the diffusion. We create original formats that look like you and differentiate you. Our teams travel all over the country to offer you customized content. 

Toujours à votre écoute, nous nous adaptons à vos contraintes, analysons votre entreprise, ses valeurs, ses atouts pour ainsi, retranscrire avec exactitude votre message.


We create "tailor-made" audiovisual content:
- photos for social networks,
- interview for internal communication,
- live broadcast of event,
- video to present a new product.

Sale price

> 800€ for a video, edited, shot in drone - ½ day of shooting.
> 1400€ for a ground+drone video, edited - 1 day of shooting.
> 1000€ for a photo report - 1 day on site.
The price can increase according to the demands: filming several distinct sites, using actors/figurators, need for several cameras, specific equipment, etc...

Additional information

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