B2B Quotes

Your mission 

As a business provider offer companies a platform to connect with digital service providers.

Remuneration: 1 000€

The remuneration depends on the client's budget. For example, for a project at 50 000€ you can earn 1 000€.


35% of turnover's B2B Quotes

B2B Quotes

B2B Quotes is a connection platform that helps companies find their digital, web and marketing provider.


We can help you with all types of projects from a simple landing page to a complete e-commerce site, but also with the SEO of your site or social media campaigns. Our mission is to provide a simple, free and easy to use tool. After submitting your project via our form, you will be contacted by 3 service providers within 48 hours.

Sale price

The company can submit a project for free.

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