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We help startups create wealth through an international network of commission-based business providers.

When a startup sells a product following a business contribution, it pays a commission on the selling price to We will be in charge to pay each business finder. is the unique contact for the startup and the business providers. 

Registration and use of the platform are free of charge, only the business contribution is subject to a commission according to the terms of the contract. 

A sale is a prospect becomes a customer verified by the startup.

A business provider may be a natural or legal person wishing to promote a product or service to its network.

The business provider has the role of ambassador. He/she highlights in the best possible way a selected product or service. He can use word-of-mouth or sales, marketing or communication strategies to find qualified prospects for startups.

You will receive, once a month, a bank transfer from according to the wealth you have created for startups.

A startup is a young company with a marketable product or service. make a selection of the best business providers according to the needs of the startup.

The startup pays monthly, for all prospects who have become customers, thanks to the affiliated business providers. 

We are responsible for paying each business provider individually.

The startup pay the commission to, after having receive the payment from the client.

You can sponsor any serious person who wants to have an additional income by becoming a business provider.

You can sponsor as many partners as you want. You will receive a bonus up to 4 different levels, following the sales made by your partners.