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« The strong desire for success is the best toujours l’augure du succès. »

Stanislas Leszynski



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Specialized training

To go even further, train yourself on topics related to customer acquisition techniques, personal development and team management.

Specialized training

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Raiseyour.biz encourages teamwork by implementing an advantageous compensation plan

Connecting Teams


Being independent no longer means being alone. You'll be accompanied and you will accompany your sponsorees to success.

When your sponsorees make connections, you receive an additional remuneration for contributing to the success of startups.


Remuneration Plan

A remuneration on 4 levels.

Additional commissions according to the number of introductions inside the team.

They share their experience as business providers


Through this platform, we want we want to give freedom to our business providers.. We want to give you the choice to work from anywhere, whenever you want, promoting the product you chose.

Our goal is to give you the ability to be financially independent, while you valuing your network.

We also want to compensate you in a way that you deserve.