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Receive a commission promoting products of a selection of startups.

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Sponsor business providers to increase your income by stimulating them.

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We showcase a panel of products to promote to the same target. 


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Sign up for free and fill out the survey in the welcome email you received.

Someone from our team will contact you to finalize our partnership.

Now that we have gotten better acquainted, we can help you to raise your salary!

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Choose a startup

Every Monday you will discover on social media or by email the newest startup registered.

You can check out on the Marketplace of startups and make a request when you want to be a business provider for a startup. If your profile matches the sale criteria of the product, we will send you more information in order to promote to your clients.



Promote the product

Are you a business developer? Web marketer? Influencer? Or do you have another trade?

You can choose the promotion strategy you prefer according to the product’s criteria. Phone calls, mail, social media, word-of-mouth…

You will receive various tools to be able to promote the product: brochures, pictures, promotional video…

→ Coming soon: you will have a tracking link to share online and know exactly who bought the product.

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Recap needed

After having signed your contract to be a biz provider, you will receive a recap file for your future connections.

Every month, you should fill this recap with the name of your prospects who want to buy a product, and send it to us to receive your commission.



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At the beginning of each month, if your prospects become clients, you will receive one bank transfer for your total commissions + from the program partnership.

You will quickly see how your revenue increases!

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" The strong desire for success is the best indication that you can achieve success."

Stanislas Leszynski


Discover the startups registered and choose which ones you want to promote


Value proposition

Why we create Raiseyour.biz

Through this platform, we want we want to give freedom to our business providers.. We want to give you the choice to work from anywhere, whenever you want, promoting the product you chose.

Our goal is to give you the ability to be financially independent, while you valuing your network.

We also want to compensate you in a way that you deserve.